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Editor's Corner Jan/Feb 2017

By Erin Pesut
Happy New Year!

There is no time like the present to finally become yourself. Making changes - no matter how small — and sticking with them takes a sincere commitment and persistence. But in this New Year, be easy on yourself. Life is about progress, not perfection. Enjoy being you.

I care deeply about health and wellness, and it’s been a joy to gather these stories. In this issue we bring you stories about the peace and power behind mindfulness, the super benefits of spices and herbs, the family and community behind the act of exercising and the success
that comes when we embrace how we each think differently. We also explore how talkative our beautiful brains are, and, when we actually stop to listen, we see that our whole body can change.

If I were to make New Years resolutions, these would be mine:
• Always be a little kinder
• Maybe eat more vegetables
• Put the phone away

I think I’d add another one, too:
have more F-U-N!

Be well,