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Editor's Corner Nov/Dec 2017


What do the holidays mean to you?

Family and friends? Food, faith, fun? Presents? Taking stock of what’s important? Giving thanks for all you have? Giving because you can? Embracing joy? Sharing beauty?

There are some of all these things in this issue of CityView.

For food, you can read about the holiday meal traditions of several local people. I can personally vouch for Trevor and Dalia Swaby’s curried chicken and rice – it’s delicious! Faith is wound in and out of several of these pieces, from the Faith column by Jonathan Fletcher of Manna Church to the Methodist program working with volunteers from all walks to repair homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew. For fun, tell me you don’t smile at the sight of Janice Brown holding her dog Nixon (who was not entirely enthralled with this experience).

There’s beauty galore, not least the lovely sounds of the Cumberland Oratorio Singers. (Keep an eye on our Facebook page; we’ll be posting one or two video snippets of their most recent performance.)

Family and friends, including the friends yet to be met, are part and parcel of every story and, as usual, are the heart and soul of Bill McFadyen’s wonderful column.

I hope you’ll laugh, smile, maybe shed a tear, think, be inspired and nod in appreciation.

I also hope you have the happiest of holidays.