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Enhancing gateways, supporting business are key strategies for city, planners say

City Council hears report on ways to ensure diverse, growing economy


Beautification of city gateways and supporting business growth on Murchison Road and Bragg Boulevard should be top priorities, according to a planning report presented to the Fayetteville City Council on Monday night.

The first-quarter performance report said those strategies are on target.

City administrators Chris Lowery, strategic and performance analytics manager, and Andrew Brayboy, senior corporate performance analyst, presented the report to the council at City Hall.

“You can see many of these tactics are … complete, based on the tactics that were developed for fiscal year 2022,” Brayboy said.

After the meeting, Lowery said city planners are focused on beautification.

“Beautification can attract people,” he said. “When we have guests or out-of-towners who come into the city for a baseball game, the first thing they come through are the gateways. That’s going to be the first thing you notice when you come into the city.”

At this juncture, he said, "Everything is progressing along well."

The strategies include sustaining a favorable development climate to encourage business growth, the report said. Another goal is to have a responsive city government supporting a diverse and viable economy.

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Another goal is a housing study and an affordable housing strategy, with the aim of increasing the supply of affordable housing to meet the needs of diverse residents consistent with the housing study.

"By accomplishing these tactics at 100%, it is a huge win for the city and its residents,” Lowery said. “That’s a heavy lift for the city.”

“We’re using the Murchison Road area to build that up,” said Lowery.

Another goal, the report said, is to support a safe and secure community by fully preparing for emergency and disaster response; ensure traffic and pedestrian safety; ensure low incidents of property and violent crime; and engage residents in Community Watch and other safety programs.

Government should be responsive in supporting a diverse and viable economy, the report said. This would be achieved by ensuring a diverse tax base, investing in community revitalization, and leveraging partnerships for job creation and retention, with a focus on the local and regional workforce to increase per-capita income.

Michael Futch covers Fayetteville and education for CityView. He can be reached at mfutch@cityviewnc.com.

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