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Ever Green | By Kelly Twedell


Love it or hate it, “going green” is a fast-growing trend and it’s here to stay. We see it in the growth of eco-friendly products like organic foods and in the collective desire to reduce consumption. People from every background now have an awareness of how our lifestyle choices affect our personal health and, in turn, the health of our planet. Fayetteville has made great strides in helping residents leave a smaller carbon footprint. Blue recycling bins now line the curbs of city neighborhoods — proof that, when presented with better options, people make better choices. But maybe you aren’t interested in saving the planet. Maybe you just want to save some of your own green. Energy consumption is a great place to start and the Public Works Commission’s website has lots of tips : http://www.faypwc.com/ There are few activities we engage in as regularly as eating, so it’s no surprise that our health is so directly related to what we put into our bodies. Eating organic foods, local food, and other “green” food choices can help us be healthier. Organic choices might seem more costly at first, but when you consider the cost of medical bills and the rising cost of life insurance, eating organic can seem like a bargain. Fayetteville and the surrounding communities have made big steps when it comes to organic dining out choices, sipping your morning cup of joe or shopping for produce. Several restaurants now have organic items on their menus, most grocery stores offer organic foods, local farmers sell their harvests all over town — you can even get organic crops and meats delivered right to your door. It doesn’t matter whether your attempts to be green are environmental, for your health or because it’s trendy, as a consumer you have the power to make decisions — why not choose to save your wallet, your world and your health?