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There is something indulgent about spa bathrooms when you are on vacation or traveling on business. Today, some are bringing those luxuries into their own homes. Mulling a remodel? An upgraded bathroom not only will bring you your own personal retreat, it also is an investment in your property and could help sell your home down the road. Here are some trends on the rise.

Gone are the days of bathtub and shower combos with sliding glass doors. Sales trends show that consumers are wanting more naturally lit, open space only slightly enclosed with glass blocks, hinged glass doors or heavier glass partitions.

Homes in the 80’s and 90’s included upgraded amenities with jetted Jacuzzi bathtubs. Requiring less space and incorporating a more serene feel, soaking tubs are in high demand.

Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, toilets are being moved to provide more privacy in the bathroom and plumbers say it often costs a few hundred dollars to refit the pipes. With the environment and economy in mind, trends in the loo include water saving mechanisms, like low-flow toilets with two buttons, quieter flushing valves and Toto even has a seat that slowly lowers – never banging down. Perfect in the kids or guest bathrooms.

In the effort to save space and bring a more modern look, the huge cabinets with drop in sink style vanities are now deemed “clunky.” Consumers are opting for open vessels and using decorating shelving or built-in cubbies for smarter storage. Like fixtures, sinks are very personal and the styles vary to fit the home’s personality.

From towel warmers to heated floors, bringing radiant heat into your bathroom makeover is a thrifty way to upgrade, only costing mere hundreds. Radian electric heat, connected to a wall thermostat, is laid under the tile in a mesh that will never leave you stepping onto cold tile floors again.

Who doesn’t love hot water on-demand – or endless hot water with a house full of company? Plumbers business has drastically increased as they install a separate electric or gas endless hot water panel to homes. The unit heats water almost instantly, eliminating the need for a water heater.

From slabs of marble to mosaic tiles, a glam bathroom can be yours and the ideas are endless. Set a budget and get started on laying out your ideas with many of our local licensed bath installers.

Lastly, another reason many families are renovating is to aid in the care of a parent while accommodating their need to operate independently. Helping the older generation live with dignity and maintain safety in their daily routine brings to mind some quick suggestions for modifications in your guest bathroom. Install permanent grab bars on the tub side or shower wall. Wall mounted sinks, towel bars or toilet paper holders are not designed to hold weight. A sturdy bathtub or shower seat/transfer tub bench can help with balance, comfort and prevent falls while entering or exiting the bathtub. Purchasing a raised toilet could be a simple fix, over a toilet safety frame or rail.