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Fascinating Fayetteville: In this Fort Bragg home, family is the focus


By Kim Hasty

Photography by Cindy Burnham

Jill Saslav in her front on Fort Bragg, NC

The cracks on the pretty blue and white bowl are visible only on close inspection, but they are there, nonetheless.

Over and over, from one Army relocation to another, Jill Saslav has carefully taken the pieces broken during the move and glued the scenes of sailboats and coastal cottages so they hold fast once again. Then, from Colorado to Hawaii to North Carolina and points in between, she’s placed the bowl in the hutch in the family dining room with the other pieces of her collection of Shard Pottery crafted in her home state of Maine.

She could replace that bowl with a new, unblemished piece.
But then again.

Another reminder of Maine, each member of the family
has a pair of L.L. Bean boots waiting by the backdoor.
“We were hoping for snow when we moved to North
Carolina,” Jill Saslav said.

“It really does represent all our transfers and moves,” she said. “And it represents for us that as much as a move can crack you up, we’re still together. It’s a symbol of resilience to me.”

Jill Saslav in her front on Fort Bragg, NC

It’s a familiar theme to a military family, the task of making a house feel like a home despite the challenges of adjusting to yet another new community, new faces, new schools and the lingering likelihood of deployments. Here in this Spanish colonial 1930s two-story home in Fort Bragg’s Normandy subdivision, Jill Saslav has surely accomplished the job with the most thoughtful, memorable and comforting of touches.

For her and her husband of 21 years, Col. Andrew Saslav, a home isn’t about fancy furnishings or fine antiques or even things that don’t crack or chip.

“Family is our big focus,” Jill Saslav said. “We try to focus on what’s important every second that we’re together.”