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Use trends wisely to look your best at any age

By Kelly Twedell

Trends come and go, and some even come back again. It’s important to assess your closet critically and to edit out pieces that no longer reflect who you are and where you are at in life, even if they are an old ‘favorite’. No doubt, there are looks you haven’t tried just waiting to become new favorites. With a few quick tips, you can adapt the latest trends to suit your style and look your best no matter what the occasion.

20s to 30 years old

Erica Mansfield is wearing a maxi striped dress from Fabulous Finds Boutique and jewelry and embroidered clutch from So Chic Bebe.

Millennials were born plugged into the internet and other digital media and always are aware of the latest and upcoming trends.


One of the biggest issues in your 20s is letting go of the collegiate look and embracing a more professional wardrobe.

For working women your look needs to be versatile. You should be able to wear the same outfit to work and out afterwards to meet up with friends, without looking inappropriate or out of place in either environment. You can stash fun accessories, like chunky jewelry and playful shoes, in your car or bag and easily slip them on after hours to transition from the office to a night out.


Embrace the hair that God gave you, but don’t be afraid to go bold with a fresh, short hairstyle, warm highlights or a new, eye-catching color. (With your stylist’s approval, of course.) Shorter styles done right can make you look more mature.

30 Something

Natalie Fryer is wearing a dress from Fabulous Finds Boutique with coordinating accessories.

Generation Xers tend to be self-sufficient, better educated, and have a defined sense of style, regardless of trends.


While thirty-something women can still pull off younger-inspired styles, there’s something just wrong about a mom who still shops in the junior department. Rule of thumb: if an item is only sold in odd-numbered sizes, it’s best worn by teens. Thirty- and forty-something women have been through enough in life to know what they want and have the tools to get it. Invest in a few high quality classic pieces that you can mix in with less expensive trendy items.


Let your hair express your funky, athletic, sexy personality and style. Don’t be afraid to use products to boost your body and shine as hair can become brittle over time due to the hormone changes that take place after having children.

40s and 50s

Megan Mannell is wearing a spring frock and jewelry from Epiphany Boutique. On the inside Table of Contents, Megan is wearing an attractive navy and white sequin detailed tunic with monogrammed jewelry from Just a Little Panache in Hope Mills. Young Baby Boomers are often work-centric and focused, be it for career or family. They’ve had to work hard for what they’ve got and this often means they’re competitive and wise.


Wear clothing that doesn’t call attention to what you perceive to be your flaws. Sticking to classic-shaped clothing, like tunics and shift dresses, helps. Don interesting accessories like scarves and necklaces. Invest in high-quality, well-fitting undergarments that wash and wear well under your clothing. And do wear jeans, they are eternally youthful in spirit.


A hairstyle that was perfect in your 40s may not suit you in the next decade. Adding layers, changing length or adding a fringe of bangs can work wonders to soften or hide wrinkles, or just to update your look. No one wants to be stuck in a rut.

60 years and older

These seasoned boomers have had front row seats to many of the major cultural changes in our country during the past century. These ladies have a strong work ethic and tend to hold tight to traditional values — but they aren’t afraid to take a few chances. (This is the generation that brought us rock n’ roll, after all.)


Tasteful tailored clothing is almost always a better bet than frilly, overdone items. Have fun with bold prints and colors, but don’t go overboard with too many accessories and matching shoes. Try trends conservatively. There’s no harm in incorporating one or two new fads, but too many trends at a time will leave you looking like someone’s wacky aunt.


To color or not is a preference, but if you choose to flaunt your silver, then do it with confidence. You’ve earned it! Don’t get stuck with a fussy cut that you cannot style yourself at home. Get something easy and classic. Remember, soft styles tend to look more youthful than heavily sprayed helmet heads.