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Fayetteville could receive up to an inch of snow

A winter storm is expected to bring rain and light snow to the area


Fayetteville is under a winter weather advisory as a storm system approaches that could bring about an inch of snow to the area this weekend.

The National Weather Service in Raleigh said a system will be moving through later tonight and through Saturday morning. The low tonight will be 31 degrees with a high Saturday of 36 degrees.

“It’s going to create some light snow amounts in your area,” lead forecaster Jimmy Taeger said Friday.

This could impact travel across much of the state this weekend, state transportation officials said in a news release.

Officials with the city of Fayetteville will monitor the forecast, which is calling for cold temperatures, rain and possibly light snow. As the situation evolves, any decisions about adjusting city service will be distributed to the media.

Sunday’s weather will remain cool, Taeger said, but a little bit warmer with highs in the middle 40s. And it will be dry.

“An inch probably wouldn’t stick around too long if you have the sunny skies and higher temperatures,” he said of the snow.

Taeger said Fayetteville could see about an inch of snow, nothing like last weekend when the area saw 3 to 5 inches of snow. “It could start off with a little bit of rain before it turns to all snow. But we’re really not expecting any freezing rain or sleet through the night.”

Monday’s forecast calls for warmer weather with highs in the low 50s, he said. And basically, warming up each day with highs in mid-60s by Wednesday.

The state Department of Transportation has completed brining the two- and four-lane highways that have the most traffic and are North Carolina or U.S. routes, said spokesman Andrew Barksdale.

Those also include anything in Fayetteville that the state is responsible for. That work was started on Thursday.

"The forecast looks really good for this one compared to last week,” Barksdale said. “There may be a little rain before it turns to snow. The brine is still effective. Not a problem. If it’s a monsoon, it would wash the brine off the street.”

Secondary roads and subdivisions don’t get brine, he said.

“We don’t have the capacity to do that. If there’s any snow – and once it reaches about ½ inch – DOT will begin scraping the roads.

“If it’s just flurries,” he added, “there’s not much to scrape. We’ll have some crews working tonight, but not everybody. We’ll have some working in the morning, too.”

Carolyn Justice-Hinson, the spokeswoman for the Fayetteville Public Works Commission, said the utility is on standby.

The "forecast calls for some 30-plus mph gust winds early to mid-morning," she said by email. "Only concern is if there are outages that require bucket trucks. We can't send the buckets up (until) the winds die down to a safer level so it could delay restoration. However, the storm looks to be moving quickly so hopefully there won’t be extended outages."

City of Fayetteville staff members are encouraging residents to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary risks.

“No matter how much accumulation we see, make good decisions,“ Scott Bullard, the city’s Emergency Management coordinator, said in a news release. “Your life is important. It doesn’t take much snow to pose a hazard, slick roads can be deadly. A weather event can change your life. We’ve seen what a vehicle crash, wind and even power outages can do.”

Many city services – such as police reports and permit applications – can be accessed online, the city said in the release.

Additional updates will be provided as needed and will be posted to the city’s website and social media.

In anticipation of the storm, the Cumberland County Government Employee Pharmacy will be closed Saturday. All county public library locations, Solid Waste landfills and Animal Services also will be closed, the county said in a news release.

Cumberland County Emergency Services is monitoring weather conditions and is in communication with the National Weather Service. Residents are urged to be prepared for winter weather and remain indoors and off the roadways if possible.

Residents can stay prepared by signing up for Cumberland Alerts, a free emergency notification system that can send alerts to your phone or email. To register, go to cumberlandcountync.gov and click on the lightning icon at the bottom of the page.

The county also will provide updates on its social media accounts.

Michael Futch covers Fayetteville and education for CityView TODAY. He can be reached at mfutch@cityviewnc.com. Have a news tip? Email news@CityViewTODAY.com.

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