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Fayetteville’s newest food truck is serving up vegan comfort food and converting meat-eaters


Yoniara Harris transitioned from a vegetarian home chef to a vegan meal-prep cook. She is now a co-owner of Fayetteville’s newest thriving food truck: The Vegan Spot. Harris and her husband started the truck April 1, with the goal of making veganism more accessible for the Fayetteville community and to try their hand at owning a business.

Harris, who has been vegan for three years and a vegetarian for five, has always loved to cook. She started gaining attention for her, as she calls it, “vegan comfort food,” when she started selling meal prep boxes out of her apartment at the beginning of the year.

The reception for her food was overwhelmingly positive, and she soon found herself impressing meat and dairy lovers alike as they turned to her plant-based creations.

Since starting The Vegan Spot, she’s welcomed long, eager lines of vegans and non-vegans to try her tasty yet somewhat deceptive menu. At first glance, sloppy Joes, bomb chili, fried chicken sandwiches and loaded burgers may not seem like either the most environmentally conscious or healthy options. However, upon further inspection, you’ll find the word “plant-based” preceding nearly everything (except the vegetables, obviously) for an unexpected twist on satisfying food truck comfort food. As Harris put it, you can think of The Vegan Spot as a cheat day for vegans.

You can keep up with their appearances and setups on their Facebook page, @veganspotfayettevillenc. If you’re just riding around trying to grab a bite, you likely won’t miss this truck when it’s out and about. Adorned in camouflage, military phrases and imaging, and their social media handles, The Vegan Spot is military-themed to not only support our local military community, but to convey that even tough guys can go plant-based and feel strong and fulfilled.

Entrees range from $13-$17 and are 100 percent vegan and plant-based. Yoniara likes to rotate specials and mix it up but has some favorites that are menu staples. One particular item that started it all for her was her bomb chili, which impressed her meal-prep customers early on. As she put it, this recipe converted chili lovers from beef to beans. “There’s no meat, just the love of me making it,” she also claimed as a secret ingredient to this fan favorite.

The only complaint they’ve received so far is that the lines are so long because the community is eager to try this new spin on comfort food that they can feel good about indulging in. If you see a camo food truck around town serving up some good looking burgers, sandwiches and chili, make sure to try some ethical, delicious grub from this thriving new business.