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The Stoney Point Fire Department Trail of Terror raises needed fund

By Kelly Twedell

The Stoney Point Fire Department usually tries to soothe people’s fears by intervening during crises’, often saving lives. But once a year, during the Halloween season, the firemen get to scare the senses out of people — and it’s all for a good cause.

This year marks the 10th year that Station 13 is putting on the Trail of Terror and Haunted House celebration for the community. Last year an estimated 15,000 visitors came through the event, all paying for an opportunity to be scared out of their minds.

The event benefits the fire district by providing the department with the money to buy the additional tools needed to protect the community. Individual donations, in conjunction with the Trail of Terror, directly support their Emergency Services Operations and Mission. Contributions from the Trail of Terror fundraiser are spent on assorted emergency equipment, replacing worn out equipment and uniforms. Some funds are re-invested back into the Trail of Terror to make improvements for the next year.

“The best part of this event would be hard to pinpoint with the variation of themes,” said Lt. Tara Whitman, one of the managers of the event. “Some of the favorites among patrons would be the vortex tunnel that gives the illusion you are falling over,” said Whitman. “The 3-D clown house is a huge hit, in which visitors wear 3-D glasses and travel among possessed clowns and detailed art work. The mansion, which has various detailed rooms, gives the feeling you are in an early 1900s-themed haunted house.”

Whitman and Cpt. Brandon Hanzal manage the Trail of Terror with the help of 20 firefighters who work numerous hours both day and night to create the Trail each year. The firefighters and approximately 100 volunteers and actors man the trail to make the experience as fun — and frightening — as possible.

The Trail of Terror is located at 7221 Stoney Point Rd. in Fayetteville. For more information call 910.424.0694 or email tara@stoneypointfire.com