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Flowers For The Thanksgiving Table – Subtle Touches Say Fall

Often, when people think of floral arrangements for fall and the Thanksgiving table, hues of orange, bronze and deep red come to mind.

But an important consideration should be: How will it look among the surroundings – the walls, the china, the table linens.

That’s what floral designer Jim Crenshaw of Always Flowers had in mind when he did the arrangement that graces the dining room table in the CityView cover photo.

The walls of the dining room are burgundy, and traditional fall colors would not go well. Instead, Crenshaw brought in “hints” of fall in the arrangement that includes two-tone Asiatic lilies in shades of peach and bronze, deep red button asters, lacy yellow oncidium orchids and lime green cymbidium orchids. The arrangement in a silver pedestal container stands on a silver tray to which apples and other fruit were added for a further autumn feel.

Using shades of red in lieu of orange can add rich tones and variation, he said, and lets you know that it’s autumn without an “in your face” look.

The lime green orchids complement the green in the china.

Orchids are very popular now, said Crenshaw, and especially at Christmastime, although they are on the expensive side. “People are doing more with less,” he said. “You don’t need a ton to get the effect of an elegant, sophisticated arrangement. And they last a long time.”

For those on a budget or who like to do their own arrangement, the yard is rich in material.

“Any kind of yard foliage is pretty,” he said.

He likes nandina, especially after the cold weather turns it red, as well as that Southern favorite, magnolia. Turn magnolia leaves backward for a bronze tone and use as a runner, he suggested. He advised investing in a runner already holding faux gourds and adding fresh or natural material such as berries, pods, and nuts.

For a della Robbia look, try clustering fruit, he suggested. “And you can always eat it later.”

Mums are also a cost-conscious and easy decoration. Use four-inch mums in autumn colors alone or in decorative pots in a garland or swag effect.

“Natural clay pots are very popular and bring in that fall autumn look,” Crenshaw said.