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Fort Bragg: Soldiers suffered from motion sickness, not heat exhaustion


Several Fort Bragg soldiers who were treated earlier this week at Womack Army Medical Center suffered from motion sickness and not heat exhaustion, a spokeswoman for the 18th Airborne Corps said.

The soldiers were preparing for a jump Wednesday as part of routine airborne operations when the flight crew noticed some of them were displaying signs of nausea and fatigue, Capt. Perianne Duffy said.

“That can easily be mistaken for heat exhaustion,’’ she said Friday.

Nausea, dizziness, weakness and headaches are some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

The training operations stopped, the aircraft landed and the soldiers were taken to Womack for treatment, Duffy said.

After being examined at Womack, it was determined the soldiers suffered from motion sickness, she said. About 10 soldiers were treated.

Duffy said the flight crew and emergency officials responded quickly to the situation.

“Everything was done according to procedure and put the safety of the soldiers first,’’ she said.

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