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Game on with ‘Clue on Stage’ at Cape Fear Regional Theatre


Editor's note: Tyrone Kiaku is playing Professor Plum.  A list of the cast had the wrong name. 

It’s family game night at Cape Fear Regional Theatre with its latest production “Clue on Stage.’’

With inspiration from the popular board game and the classic 1985 movie, the show tells the story of an unusual dinner party where every colorful guest has an alias, the host is dead and murder and blackmail are served.

The entire ensemble has a variety of weapons and a mansion full of rooms with secret passages as the players race to find the murderer and the audience is pulled in for the ultimate game of whodunit.

“It’s a heavy ensemble cast from the first four minutes, and there are a lot of twists and turns from the time we are all together. It is extremely fast-paced,” said Marc de La Concha, who plays Wadsworth, the butler.

Liza Vann, who is here from New York City for her sixth show at Cape Fear Regional Theatre, agrees with the energy and the shifts as the characters seek allies and try to figure out what is happening around them.

“It is extremely fast-paced, but the show does not leave the audience behind,’’ Vann said. “They are in the game with us because they are so close. As we gasp, the audience will gasp. It’s that good.”

Directed by the theater’s artistic director, Mary Kate Burke, the iconic murder mystery is set in an intimate thrust stage where the audience will be fully immersed. The audience will sit around three sides of the stage, which has been fashioned as a game board of sorts. 

“The set is so massive, you can’t help but be in it,” said actor Mikey LoBalsamo, who plays Mr. Green. “You feel the movie. It’s not a replica. We make it our own, but it’s an ultimate feel.”

The well-known players like Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum and Col. Mustard are figuring the who, where and how out as the audience is watching every detail and seeing the game play out in real-time.

“This show is so smart. Every word has meaning,’’ said Ashley Owen, the theater’s marketing director. “Everything that is on the set is there for a reason. You can see this show every night and see something different. It’s amazing.”

She also said that even if you have seen the movie, do not assume that you will know what happens.

“The show is close to the movie, but there are surprises,’’ Owen said. “The energy just palpitates. It is 90 minutes of being immersed in a gorgeous set with a great cast, pure fun and laughs.”

If you go

“Clue on Stage’’ begins Thursday and continues through April 10. The first weekend is almost sold out. The show is rated PG for parental guidance for mild and comedic themes of violence.

Cape Fear Regional Theatre is at 1209 Hay St. Tickets are $15 to $25, and discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Special events include military appreciation night on March 30 and teacher appreciation night on April 1. For more information or to purchase tickets, call the box office at 910-323-4233 or go to cfrt.org.

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