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Glenn Adams regains seat as Cumberland Commissioners' chair

Former Chair Toni Stewart is vice-chair again


Editor's note: This article has been corrected to reflect that Commissioner Veronica B. Jones was not absent from the commission meeting, but was participating via a remote connection.

In a 5-1 vote, Cumberland County Commissioner Glenn Adams was elected again to be the chairperson of the board on Monday. He previously held the seat a year ago.

And another 5-1 vote elected outgoing Chairperson Toni Stewart to the vice chairperson seat.

Commissioners Michael Boose, a Republican, was absent from Monday’s commission meeting. Commissioner Veronica B. Jones, a Democrat, was not there in person, but participated remotely.

One year ago, the commissioners elevated Stewart to the chairperson seat from vice chair, and made then-chairperson Adams the vice chair.

Republican County Commissioner Jimmy Keefe voted against Adams and Stewart, while Democrats Adams, Stewart, Marshall Faircloth and Jeannette Council voted for them.

Keefe has said the five-person Democratic majority on the seven-seat commission never picks him or fellow Republican Michael Boose for leadership positions.

The chairperson of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners presides over the commission meetings and makes many appearances on behalf of the county, Stewart said last week.

Stewart gave remarks Monday as she relinquished the role.

“Even though this is my last day as chairwoman, I will absolutely not stop doing the work,” Stewart said.

The county has made progress in addressing the mental health needs of residents and in providing services to homeless people, increasing funding for the school system and helping food pantries, she said.

Adams plans to keep positive momentum going as he retakes the gavel, he said after he was elected.

He cited Keefe’s work to bring a new performing arts venue, the upcoming Crown Event Center, to downtown Fayetteville.

“And we will continue to move that project forward,” Adams said.

Stewart’s initiatives to support the homeless population will continue, he said, and the county will advance on efforts to help people with opioid addiction.

The county will also advance Faircloth’s desire to move the county administration offices out of the courthouse and into a new administration building, Adams said.

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