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Guide Grads to Apps for Real-World Success


(Family Features) As a parent, it can be difficult to know just how to guide new college graduates as they set out to conquer the real world. Surprise them with your tech savvy by showing how a smartphone can match their new aspirations for a successful professional life.

Use this cheat sheet from Asurion, the technology support and protection partner of the nation’s leading wireless carriers and retailers, to learn about some handy apps that allow you to leverage a mobile device for real-world success with tools for everything from job searching to money management.

Switch: Similar to the dating app Tinder, Switch is a swiping app that matches you to jobs. It filters opportunities from your LinkedIn profile, gathering your previous experience and location. If you come across a job you like and the recruiter for the job thinks you’re a good fit, a chat feature is enabled.

ClassPass: This app makes it easy to find a fitness class in your area. From personal training to yoga class, fitness centers of all kinds participate in ClassPass. The app makes it easy to reserve a spot, and there’s a variety of monthly payment options.

Mint: Mint is a personal finance tool that helps manage money in all of your accounts syncing automatically with your bank and credit card accounts. The budget categories are endless and the app reminds you when bills are coming up. It also allows you to set timelines and goals, such as paying off student loans or saving for your trip to Europe.

Good.co: Good.co provides personality insights to further your career through fun quizzes. It can guide you through career moves and help you discover hidden interests.

ThredUp: This app makes it easy to get rid of your casual college wardrobe and upgrade to a professional style at an affordable price.

MeetUp: Make new friends with similar interests by downloading MeetUp, where there is a group for just about everything.

Along with this sage advice, remember that a job seeker can’t afford to be without a phone. Make sure your graduate has a protection plan in case that phone is ever lost, stolen or damaged, to prevent you from footing the replacement bill for them.

Get more tips and hints about how to leverage your connected devices – in addition to loss, theft and damage protection for your smartphone – through the Asurion service with your wireless carrier or at asurion.com.

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