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Gusto Napoletano offers authentic fare


By Kathryn Kelly

Across from Harris Teeter on Raeford Road, and many miles away from Italy, you’ll find true authentic pizza at Gusto Napoletano Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.

Owner Nadia Minniti has the credentials to prove that her pizza-making skills are legit. Not only was she born and raised in Italy, but she holds certification as a pizzaiolo.

A pizzaiolo is a pizza maker, and Gusto Napoletano boasts true Neapolitan-style pizza that meets some special requirements to hold that title. Some of these guidelines include

  • Dough that must be made from water, salt, yeast and flour that’s proofed for at least eight hours
  • Hand-stretched dough
  • Uniquely sourced ingredients
  • Wood-fired oven
  • Crust that is between 1-2 centimeters high
  • Pizza must be easy to fold
  • Intense smell of baked bread
  • Intense and balanced flavor
  • Reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet

If any of these requirements are not met, then you are unable to call it Neapolitan-style pizza. Nadia fits the bill and strictly follows these standards for her delicious, authentic pizza.

Though she only serves pizza for lunch on Friday and Saturday, you’ll still find pizza at dinnertime, daily pasta specials, paninis, lunch combinations, salads, and desserts Tuesday through Saturday.

Pop in for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. or dinner from 4-8 p.m. for a taste of Italy right here at home.