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H&H Homes


Established in 1991, Ralph and Linda Huff were inspired to provide high-quality affordable new homes for those military families stationed at Ft. Bragg. Today the company, led by President Jack Rostetter, has grown to six markets in the Carolinas and recently celebrated their 5000th homeowner.

Recognized for their excellence in major publications, such as Builder Magazine, H&H Homes is committed to building homes to the highest standards, by applying its quality-assurance program to each home it constructs. This conscientious mindset extends throughout every step of the building process, and each home undergoes multiple exhaustive third-party inspections to ensure that every H&H home meets or exceeds these exceptional standards.

H&H Homes is passionate about delivering exceptional livability, sustainability and value in every home, while allowing home owners to make personalized decisions about elements of their home to ensure they are engaged and informed during every step of the new home construction process.

Higher standards, superior quality, and energy efficient sustainable homes.

Reach Higher  with H&H Homes


To learn more about H&H Homes visit their CityViewBusiness Directory or call them at (910) 728-4747.