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Hike for Huntington’s Disease

On May 14, 2016, Carolina Inn hosted their third annual Hike for Huntington’s to cast a much-needed spotlight on Huntington’s Disease, a serious genetic disorder.

“I knew nothing about Huntington’s Disease until I saw what Nancy goes through on a daily basis. This is a disease that nothing touches; there is no known cure. There is no drug on the market,” Lindsey Pelaez, the Chief Strategy Officer for Village Green Related Properties said.

  Everyone has the Huntington’s Disease gene. However, those who inherit the expansion of the gene will develop Huntington’s Disease and face a 50/50 chance of passing the expanded gene onto their children. These numbers can cause a great deal of stress within families, as they struggle with the realities of being at risk or gene positive while also caring for someone they love who has developed symptoms.

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