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Hope Mills board hears update on public safety building


HOPE MILLS - The Hope Mills Board of Commissioners on Tuesday heard an update on the public safety building. The report comes on the eve of the one-year anniversary of breaking ground for the building.

Architect Scott Garner said the project is 60% completed.

“If it were not for the complications regarding COVID-19 with the difficulty of obtaining materials, we would probably be at eighty percent completion,” Garner said.

Construction also has been slowed due to weather, Garner said. Crews plan to install the final roof Jan. 31. Completing the roof will enclose the front of the building and allow work on the interior to proceed, he said.

“‘We are on schedule and we are still on budget,” Garner said.

The board also discussed CSX requirements related to insurance and signals at the Johnson Street rail crossing.

The initial plan was to make Johnson a one-way street, said Public Works Director Don Sisko.

Sisko said the Public Works department has run into several challenges, including issues with the railroad crossings, future PWC water lines, insurance and traffic light issues.

CSX requires the town to have a railroad protective policy declaration for $5 million, according to information in the agenda packet from Sisko. The North Carolina League of Municipalities, the town’s insurance carrier, cannot write a railroad protective policy declaration because it would be in the name of CSX Railroad, which is prohibited by the league bylaws, the agenda document states.

The town could obtain a policy specifically for this purpose from a local agent or ask the North Carolina League of Municipalities to remove its standard exclusion from the town’s policy for work within 50 feet of a railroad, the agenda document states. The town also could request coverage under the CSX umbrella policy, it states.

On the rail signal, CSX has told town officials that work will be required to change the signals. The modifications will depend on the guidance provided by the town related to the previously approved one-way alignment of Johnson and Hill streets, the agenda document states.

Councilman Jerry Legge asked Sisko to gather input from PWC, the Transportation Department and CSX and then come back to the board with more details and recommendations so members can make an informed decision.

Councilman Grilley Mitchell agreed.

“Come back with … detailed information, let us come to a conclusion and a decision,” Mitchell said.  

In other business, the board approved three rezoning plans. They included:

  • About 21 acres at 103 Tom Starling Road to M(P) Planning Industrial.
  • Nearly  44 acres at 771 Chicken Foot Road from Al Agricultural District and C3 Heavy Commercial District (County) to R6 Residential District (Town).
  • Approval of a site review for 1.19 acres with 168.21 feet of lot frontage within the Traemoor Village development submitted by Engineer Chandler Hunt on behalf of HCC Investments LLC. The property is in the Traemoor Village Shopping Center and is expected to be developed as drive-through car wash.

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