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How to Decoupage Easter Eggs


This is an easy tutorial on how to Decoupage Easter Eggs!

This year, make your Easter Eggs Eggs-tra Special with a little of Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish (4-Ounce), CS11305 Matte Finish, tissue paper, craft jewels, glue, scissors, and imagination! Today I am going to explain how to decoupage Easter Eggs!

During the month of Easter, I display little bunnies and eggs EVERYWHERE in my house. I have grown quite a collection of eggs. I have some I have purchased from my travels. I have some from taking my children to the Easter Egg Rolls at the White House. And I have some that the children have made over the years. They are each special in their own way and pulling them out every year brings back those happy memories that are associated with each particular egg.

This year, we wanted to create a something a little “more grown-up” and a little something “Eggs-tra Special,” so we decided to try decoupage.

We hollowed out some eggs by carefully creating a tiny hole with a pin on the top and bottom of each egg, then blew out the yolk. You can use boiled eggs if you want to eat them, but I wanted to keep our little works of art.

Mod Podge

I then gathered Mod Podge, pretty napkins, tissue paper, paint brushes, craft jewels, scissors, card stock, and a glue gun.

We poured Mod Podge glue on a paper plate for easy access and got to work!

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*Written by A Fork’s Tale, A Love Story of Food, and Travel*