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I Pod, You Pod

Podcasting is a method of distributing audio or video over the Internet onto a personal computer or mobile device for replaying at one’s leisure.

Pod is short for “portable on demand.” Apple computer popularized the term when they introduced the revolutionary hand held portable device called an iPod©. The iPod© is a portable device that connects to a computer (PC) and allows the transfer of files between each device. The most popular files are music, video and photos. Young people especially use the devices to listen to their favorite music. The device is sleek and can fit in a shirt pocket. With the use of small earphones, people on the go can listen to their favorite tunes at all times, whether they are walking, jogging, shopping, or waiting in the doctors office, etc.

The term Podcasting came into existence when music vendors started selling their music over the internet so people could download to their PC. Next came the radio stations, sermons, educational material, and speeches that a user could go to a pre-determined website and download the selected items and then transfer to their “portable device.” There are multiple websites available to download numerous types of media. One such site is www. Podcast.net which offers a variety of sites on which podcasting is available.

How to get started: If you already have a PC, the next step is to purchase a Pod. iPod© is one choice but many companies other than Apple make these type devices now. The easiest way to get started is use the technology that Apple developed and use their free multi-media player called iTunes©, it can be downloaded at www.Apple.com for free. This music program can be used to capture all your CDs and podcast to one central place and then transfer to your iPod©. The price range of these devices is from $100 to $350 depending on the storage (memory) space you will need. Don’t lose sight of the fact you can store photos and important documents on many of the units.

If you have not found your spouse something for Christmas yet, then bring that loved one into the new age with a Pod and show them how to podcast. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!