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January/February 2018


In last month’s column, I discussed a new technology call Reveel.it that we are very excited about. In this issue, you’ll be able to use the technology to access more information and photos not only with designated ads which bear the Reveel.it icon but with all of our editorial content. For example, if you want to see more photos of the events highlighted in our popular “Seen @ the Scene” feature, go to Reveel.it on your phone and snap a photo of the page in question. Expect to see more Reveel.it in our coming issues.

On November 15th, we experimented with a CityView business breakfast. It was very well attended, drawing 230 people, and we received very favorable comments from attendees afterwards. This was our first foray into this area but it convinced us we should do more events like this in 2018. The speakers, all excellent, were Jordan Jones of Prince Charles Holdings LLC, on the subject of downtown redevelopment; Mac Healy, on the planned North Carolina Civil War History Center; John McCauley of Vision 2026, on economic initiatives in Fayetteville; and Robert Van Geons, the new head of Fayetteville Cumberland County Economic Development Corporation.

The primary criticism was the program was too long. Well make sure the next one is shorter, but just as useful and interesting. So stay tuned for information in the spring about our next business breakfast. It will sell out fast. If you’d like to see the speakers at our first breakfast, go here – https://youtu.be/SqCUuaY8_tE

Happy New Year!!