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Junior Master Gardner Ceremony

The Cumberland County Cooperative Extension Office & The Cape Fear Botanical Garden proudly announce our second annual Junior Master Gardener Summer Camp!

The camp was hosted at Cape Fear Botanical Gardens for those students who were currently enrolled in a 4-H programs. Ages ranged from 6-13 years old.

Students learned the techniques and tools of gardening.

4-H is learning through hands-on experience. The focus project areas are clothing, aerospace, computers, livestock, leadership, healthy lifestyles, and much more.  4-H is teaching youth life skills and knowledge through making, building, growing, and/or other experiential activities.  This event is operating under the 4-H Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.  You may obtain a copy from the 4-H office.  This 4-H Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures is a condition of participation in the North Carolina 4-H activities or programs.