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Liberty Point

One block east of the Market House is Liberty Point, a triangular plot formed by the acute intersection of Person and Bow streets. It is not only a vestige of early street patterns but also a locally cherished historical area. At or near this site on June 20, 1775, a group of fifty-five patriots signed a document of freedom one year before the Declaration of Independence was signed, which, although popularly known as the Liberty Point Resolves, was actually named the Cumberland Association.

Because of the confusion of the two names, the original document they signed was believed lost. In 1975, David Sanders Clark discovered the Liberty Point Resolves in the Southern Historical Collection of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A granite boulder lists the name of the 55 patriots and their pledge to their country they made here: “We stand ready to sacrifice our lives to secure her freedom.”

Even before freedom of speech was guaranteed by our Constitution, these brave people stood up for their beliefs in American independence and democracy and made their voices heard.

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