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Major Appliance Offers Major Savings


By Sara Cooke

Efficiency, money saving, convenience, innovation. 

That’s what to expect when you make a purchase from Major Appliance, the only full service appliance store in the greater Fayetteville area, where they have been doing business for almost 65 years. In addition to sales, the company also offers services like installation and technical support. 

“This separates us from the box stores,” explained Bill Jenkins, owner and operator who has been with the company for 35 years, “We have factory-trained service technicians so customers can call us directly with service needs. No toll-free numbers for our customers!”

Products and services alike are local because the vast majority of items you will find at Major Appliance are U.S. brands like GE, Kitchen Aid and Maytag. In addition to eliminating the need for overseas calls, this means parts are also domestic, adding to customer convenience.

“We feel that [U.S.-made products] are by far the best products on the market today,” said Jenkins.

Speaking of products, Jenkins’ business offers appliances to suit every home and every customer, from the most basic pieces of equipment like refrigerators, microwaves, washers and dryers, to specialty items such as ice machines. The majority of sales are to individual homeowners, but Major Appliance also frequently works with local property management and real estate firms, as well as with contractors building new construction. 

“People replace an appliance for one of three reasons,” Jenkins said, “Because it is broken, because they are remodeling or because they’ve purchased a new home.”

Whatever their reason, people are looking for the newest features, the best technology and a sleek, stylish look. To meet these needs, Jenkins explained how the technology in the appliance industry as a whole has improved tremendously over the past decade, to include each product category. Dishwashers are quieter and use less water to clean more thoroughly; refrigerators keep food longer and offer features like air filtration and cold and hot water dispensers. Major Appliance sells induction-cooking ovens that use smart phone technology, allowing owners to change settings, monitor the device’s status and even receive maintenance alerts. They even offer all-in-one microwave and oven combination units with 175 pre-programmed recipes. 

Adding to that convenience factor, many of Jenkins’ products “contain self-diagnostics that help customers troubleshoot any problem that may occur. This allows them to resolve the issue on their own, eliminating the need for a repair call or service technician.”

Another concern that may seem superficial is an appliance’s appearance, but Jenkins said this is common and actually makes a lot of sense:
“In most homes, the kitchen is the gathering place…Customers want to be able to choose the look that best suits their taste. Each brand of appliances has its own unique appearance or ‘personality,’ allowing people to make their homes feel like their own.”

In addition to what’s seen on the surface, at the end of the day, this modern technology can mean big savings, in time and money, for customers. Washers and dryers can be conveniently programmed to preferred cycles allowing a quick, one-step operation, food cooks more quickly and dishwashers run almost silently, not forcing conversations out of the kitchen like in years past, and refrigerators boast better than ever food preservation, keeping food fresh longer and lowering the monthly grocery bill.

When it comes to saving money, modern technology offers even better news. According to Jenkins, many refrigerators today use less electricity than a 60-watt light bulb, resulting in a savings of $100-$200 a year over models from ten years ago. Modern high-efficency washers cost only $16-$18 a year to operate, compared to the $45-$50 required to run older models. These savings are consistent across today’s appliances.

“This adds up to significant savings for the customer over the life of the appliance,” said Jenkins. And it turns out that at the end of the day, people are willing to spend a little more initially in order to benefit from the high-quality features and conveniences that go along with them. 

“The long-term investment in our products meets the customer’s needs down the line,” continued Jenkins, “And our experience and knowledge in this industry is second to none in helping customers find the right appliances for their needs.” 

Major Appliance Co., Inc.

2800 #22 Raeford Road in Fayetteville