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Make It a DIY Holiday


Whether you're a do-it-yourself beginner or experienced crafter, show off your personality with simple DIY projects to make your home shine this holiday season.

From handmade centerpieces for your holiday table to personalized holiday party gifts, you can put your personal touch on each and every project.

Katie Brown, editor in chief of Yahoo DIY, a new digital magazine for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, offers expert tips for creating a successful DIY holiday:

“The first step is to leave perfection at the door,” Brown says. “The homemade look is part of the charm.”

Brown also encourages crafters to keep these suggestions in mind when preparing for holiday season:

Do's and Don'ts of Holiday Entertaining

  • Do search thrift and dollar stores for inexpensive materials that you can repurpose and up-cycle.
  • Don’t try all new recipes for your holiday party. Make things you know how to make well, so you’re not worried about the outcome.
  • Do think of useful projects. Give your guests something they can actually use and enjoy as opposed to something that will just collect dust.
  • Do pick a signature drink like a spiced cider or hot chocolate that you can have on hand. That way you’re always ready for company, and your guests know they can always pop by for something delicious. 

Tips for Homemade Gifts

  • Create a toolbox for your home full of crafting staples. That way you have everything you need when the inspiration strikes.
  • Look to Mother Nature so you don’t have to spend too much money. Create a wreath out of pinecones or turn cedar greens into place mats. Feathers make beautiful bouquets, too.
  • Keep personalized, no-bake gifts on-hand. Decorate mason jars and bottles with homemade tags and labels and fill them with oils, vinegars and other no-cook food items. 
  • Transform photos into special gifts. Jazz up frames, turn photos into ornaments or wrap them around vases. 
  • Throw a crafting party. Whether it’s with you family or with friends, set up both a food and drink buffet and a craft supply buffet. It’s a great way to get together and be creative.

Apple Bouquet

The fall colors of these apples will give your home just as much pop as any floral arrangement, and they will definitely last longer. 

Oasis flower foam
Any kind of pot or container
Pointy edge floral sticks
Coffee filters


  1. Cut flower foam to fit inside pot or container. Poke apples with floral sticks.
  2. Arrange apples by pushing sticks into foam, and place coffee filters between apples for filler.

Twigs Under Water

For a unique approach using a vase, put branches under water and top them with floating candles.

Pruning shears
Branches or twigs with berries (either faux or natural)
Tall glass vases in various sizes
Floating candles


  1. Cut branches or berries into pieces slightly shorter than vases. Place branches into vases, leaving room for candles at the top.
  2. Fill vases with water and float candle on top. For extra ambiance, light the candle just before your guests arrive.

Dive into your DIY holiday with inspiration from the following centerpiece projects, and find more how-to tips and ideas at www.yahoo.com/diy.

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