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Market Fair Wish List


The nearly 30-year old mall in Fayetteville is about to undergo a much-needed facelift

Market Fair breaks ground on the renovations and upgrade this Friday afternoon. There is much buzz about all of this… but no one knows what’s to expect from the failing mini-mall. I asked to PR company handling the media which new stores and restaurants were to open, but they are pretty hush-hush about it all and evaded my question. LOL. All is well and good though, I love surprises.

Market Fair Carmike 15, Gander Mountain and HH Gregg will stay open during the transformation that will turn the area into an outdoor, “upscale” shopping and dining destination… much like the nearby District at Cross Creek Mall.

After some day dreaming on this lazy Sunday afternoon, I put together a list of stores and restaurants I would love to see at Market Fair.

Let’s call it my “wish list.”

Maki Fresh: This Birmingham-based sushi and Japanese food franchise is one of my favorites back home in Alabama. They currently only have two stores open in the U.S., but if they ever made it to North Carolina… I would start a petition to get them to Fayetteville. www.makifresh.com

Trader Joe’s: Basically a discounted Whole Foods, this small, specialty grocer’s closest location to Fayetteville is in Raleigh. There is a demand for one to open in our city and a Facebook page already dedicated to the cause. www.traderjoes.com

Pinkberry: The original yogurt chain. For all of the tart-flavor lovers out there, this reigns as the best…. in my opinion of course. www.pinkberry.com

Qdoba Mexican Grill: Another fast casual Mexican spot. However, it may be too close to our always-packed Chipotle location. But, the more Mexican the merrier! Ole! www.qdoba.com

Gap: We need more options for quality, clothing options in Fayetteville. Mind the gap. www.gap.com

J. Crew: If this preppy retailer ever opens here… I would have to get a part-time job there. #employeediscount www.jcrew.com

So, now’s your turn.

What would you like to see at Market Fair? You never know who is reading!