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Election Q&A

Meet the candidates for N.C. House District 42


Republican Gloria Carrasco is running against Democratic incumbent Marvin Lucas for the N.C. House 42 seat.

The district includes Spring Lake, Fort Bragg and part of Fayetteville.

CityView asked the candidates about several issues facing the community. Here are their answers.

Gloria Carrasco

Carrasco did not respond to the questionnaire.

Marvin Lucas

Age: 80

Occupation: Retired educator

Elected offices held: Spring Lake Board of Aldermen; Spring Lake mayor; 11 terms in the N.C. House

What are your top three legislative priorities? And what will you do to address them?

Full Medicaid expansion. I will attempt to influence my colleagues that the time is overdue.

Fully fund “Leandro.” Our poorest students are getting further behind.

Improve the local economy. Bring more quality jobs to Cumberland County.

Abortion has become an even more divisive topic since the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, allowing many states to put more restrictions on the procedure and prompting legislators on both sides of the issue to move toward federal legislation. Some say abortion should be banned; some say it should be limited; others say it should be a woman’s choice guided by her own convictions and circumstances. Where do you stand on the issue of abortion? Do you support restrictions and, if so, what types of restrictions? Or do you think abortion should be a personal decision?

The subject of abortions is in the moral-medical arena. Decisions of this nature should be made by a family and their doctor.

Some states have moved to put more restrictions on school curriculum, what teachers can say in the classroom and the types of books available in public schools and libraries. Do you think restrictions of this type are needed? If so, what specific guidelines on curriculum, teaching and books would you support? What do you think parents’ role should be in this debate?

Professional curriculum decisions should be made by professional educators. The parental role should be auxiliary. However, they should have an opportunity for objection on religious grounds.

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