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Mike Colvin wins Democratic primary for state House Dist. 42

Will face Republican Leonard L. Bryant in the November election


Mike Colvin of Fayetteville has won the Democratic primary for state House Dist. 42, to replace long-time Rep. Marvin Lucas of Spring Lake.

Lucas, who is retiring from politics when his term ends in December, had endorsed Colvin. Colvin is the brother of Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin.

Mike Colvin will face Republican candidate Leonard L. Bryant of Fayetteville in the November general election. Dist. 42 has a heavy Democratic lean, so Colvin is favored in that race.

According to unofficial returns, of 5,059 votes cast:

  • Colvin led with 1,772 votes, or 35.03%.
  • Naveed Aziz of Spring Lake came in second with 1,467 votes, 29%.
  • Former state Rep. Elmer Floyd was third with 1,143 votes, at 22.59%.
  • Fayetteville City Councilwoman Courtney Banks-McLaughlin was fourth, with 677 votes, at 13.38%.

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