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Mini-Makeovers for Your Indoor Spaces


(Family Features) When cold winter days keep you inside, you may find yourself quickly bored with your surroundings. While you wait for the sun to make its next appearance, it’s the perfect time for a mini-makeover to make your indoor space feel fresh and appealing.

Even if your budget is tight, you can make small changes that make a surprisingly big difference to transform a room.

  • Bring stylish flair to your space with a new color scheme. Rather than replacing all the furniture, which can be costly, focus on smaller accessory pieces such as pillows and decorative items. Create variety by using multiple hues of the same color, or mixing up two or more complementary colors.
  • Another way to change it up is to introduce new accent furniture. Smaller and less cost-prohibitive than a couch, for example, accent pieces such as end tables or a coffee table. Even better, find a piece you like at a thrift shop and refinish it for a look that’s all your own.
  • Morph your room into a whole new place by simply rearranging what you already own. Adjusting the orientation of your furniture and decor will let you see your favorite room from a whole new perspective.
  • Whether it’s a flea market find such as an old window frame that you paint and add a display shelf to the base, or a series of photos from your favorite vacation destination, adding some DIY art not only updates your room, it makes it extra personal, too.

A new look for your favorite room can go a long way to chasing away those winter blahs, so find ways to update your space for a cozy retreat that you can enjoy despite the cold weather raging outdoors.

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