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Move Over, Hot Chocolate Bombs


Hot chocolate bombs were a hit around the holidays and continue to delight children and adults alike. Either store-bought or homemade, they feature spheres of chocolate that burst open when immersed in hot milk to reveal surprises like marshmallows, candy and sprinkles.

Well, now we have tea bombs. And while they haven’t yet reached the popularity of their chocolate counterparts, they are intriguing and becoming a hit on the video-sharing service Tik Tok.

“They’re on my radar,’’ said local tea connoisseur Josh Choi, owner of Winterbloom Tea downtown. “It’s an interesting new idea, but I haven’t tried any yet.”

Tea bombs are made by melting sugar and using a mold similar to the ones used for chocolate bombs. Some tea bomb creators prefer a commercial decorating product known as isomalt. The bombs are filled with tea leaves and edible flowers that steep once the bombs are released into hot water.