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Mr. Olenthia Green


At the age of 73, Olenthia "Bump" Green found rest and eternal peace on the with of February in the year of 2024. Born to Levi Green Sr. and Areray Green on the sch of November in the year of 95o, Olenthia grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and Joppatowne ("Dembytown Road"), Maryland.

Olenchia enlisted into the U.S. Army on April 5, 1974, as a unit supply specialist After an honorable discharge, Olenchia continued to serve his nation by becoming a contractor at the local military installation, Aberdeen Proving Ground, in the Ammo Bunker with the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center.

As Olenthia pur his faith into Christ he was accepted into the Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church family: They ate, prayed, and lived together as a loving community, living life loyally and faithfully under the will of God. Olenthia's passion for protecting translated to his role in church. As a lead for the security team within the Me. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, he allowed the congregation to worship freely and safely. His security ensured a more welcoming and open space for anyone who passed through the church's threshold.

Olenthia had the ability to bond which people from every walk of life The "haves" and the "have nots" were treated equally by him. He would often say, "you have to know how to talk to people." Because of his aptitude for free expression to all (cursing included), he was respected and loved by the community and his church family.

Olenthia's turning point away from addiction was his drive to be a part of his daughter and grandchildren's lives. With the foundation and strength of his spirituality, Olenthia was able to rebound back to his true self and heal. His spirituality and family gave him a reason to exist that was bigger than any of his past suffering, depression, or even addiction.

Olenthia continues to live on through those who loved him most his brother, Levi Green Jr; his sisters, Cardine Green, Aretha Cox, and Janis Green; and a plethora of cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends. His legacy lives on through his daughter, Lynae J. Green-Peterson; and her children, Rondez T. Green, Amay T. Green, De'nez M. Johnson, Ja'lyn T. Peterson, Amani J. Peterson, and Avery-Monroe J. Peterson. His heart forever belongs to his beautiful fiancé, Laverne Williams. Olenthia is predeceased by his father. Levi Green Sr; his mother, Areray Green; his sister, Annie Kelly; his brother, Rodman Green: and his granddaughter, Jor'dyn M. Peterson.