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Mrs. Esther Patricia Bagot


Esther Patricia Bagot-Vickerie

Was born on July __11 to Winnifred and Cleavland Bagot in Linden, Guyana, South America. Patsy, as she became known was the couples second child. Her father was immediately enamored with his new bundle of joy. She immediately had him wrapped around that little finger. In her father’s eyes she could do no wrong. And to know patsy, you would know she tested every inch of his faith in her innocence. she was a head strong, determined, motivated and enterprising young lady with an uncanny lack of fear. Weather it was empathy for others or her ability to be the leader of the pack she always found herself in the middle of whatever trouble that was brewing knowing that her father was her defense line.

Patsy found her first love at a very early age “Music” she was interested in performing, she learned to play the piano and other instruments, however; it all took a backseat to singing, a skill she worked on perfecting. She was bitten by that musical bug, gospel or secular music she was all in. in her pursuit of fame and fortune faith had other plans.

In Patsy’s formative years her undeniable beauty, strong sense of self and determination took her on her first adventure. Patsy left her parents’ home to seek her own path. On that adventure to find her path faith intervened crossing her path with Bobby Stern Greene, the man that became the father of her two eldest children Eola and Al (pre-deceased).

Motherhood did not come easy to patsy, her determination to accomplish her goal of becoming that singer/performer she envisioned was strong in her. Entrusting her children to her elder sister Patsy ventured beyond the shores of her little country of Guyana for parts unknown in pursuit of her goal.

On the islands of Trinidad and Tobago her dream came to fruition when she became a published musical artist. Patsy returned to Guyana and embraced her role of motherhood to Eola and Al. Patsy later migrated to the United States of America in 1983 to New York. Patsy worked hard at building her life. She worked for the state of New York, she tried her hand at several different business fortuitously settling on catering. By time patsy had met and married Texroy Vickerie the man for whom she shared her two youngest children Randy and Texroy (pre-deceased) she was on track to the future she wanted for herself.

Patsy leaves behind.

Her eldest child and only daughter Eola Driffin and her partner of 18 yrs. Damian Pierre.

Grand children,

• Bryan Driffin, Keanna Driffin and Brieanna Driffin.

Great Grandchildren,

• Mahki Greene, Noelle Driffin, E’Nylah Blackmon and E’zyus Blackmon (soon to arrive).

Her Second son Randy Vickerie and his wife Raniesha Vickerie


• Akavia Vickerie

Al Greene and Texroy Vickerie her eldest and youngest sons (respectively)(pre-deceased).

​Grand children,

• Anesia Greene, Kevin Greene Jr., Alisha Greene, Joseph Greene and Queen Greene

Her only surviving sibling

Craddock Sam Bagot and wife Carlotta Bagot

She was pre-deceased by Siblings Lynette Bagot and Denise Bagot.

Nieces, LaToya, Jasmine, Sheray

Nephews, Lerone, Joseph, Lawren, Craddock, Aaron and many others who will sure miss her presence.