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My Back Yard

When most people think about the best back yards of all time they think about swing sets, trampolines, and basketball goals. However, I have a different opinion. My picture of a perfect back yard is the one I have.

A path behind my house will take me to the Cape Fear River. This place of majestic beauty and wonder truly blows me away sometimes. I mainly fish for catfish when I go down to the river. This is also a place of bonding between my family and friends. Such places as this are sometimes down played, but let me tell you that people who down play it have never been there.

Currently, the river is quite low. This makes it hard to enjoy the river as much as I wish I could. Even though I can’t use the boat as much as I would like to, I still enjoy going down there and hanging out. The beautiful wildlife and scenery just capture me and take me to my own world where I can get away from it all and enjoy the simple things in life. The Cape Fear River is kind of like my second home. It is just second nature for me to want to go down there.

I have talked about all the beauty of the river, but now I am going to talk about what I enjoy the most. I love to fish for catfish. I primarily use limb lines. When the catfish are fresh, they provide a good fight and that really is the most fun. The biggest catfish I have ever caught was a 41-pound flathead. I actually caught a 17-pound striper on one of my limb lines about three or four weeks ago.

All of the things that I have discussed really make me gleam with happiness every single time I go down to the river. When I sneak down there to just have an escape from it all, I lay back and think I am in another world, but then I realize that I am actually just in the best back yard there has ever been.