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October Special - Publishers Corner


Technology is always evolving. Personally, it is evolving for me as well. I have been on Facebook for several years, primarily to promote CityView, though more recently used it to show the exploits
of my grandchildren’s tennis accolades. I am now learning about Twitter because our staff tells me it will help promote the business.

And so, the newest thing I am learning about is hash tags (#). Hash tags are a phenomenon in the world of social media. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are main websites and apps in which you will see these tags. Everywhere you go online you will see hash tags. If you are watching your favorite television program they are present. They are on commercials, advertisements and most social media sites. You can hash tag anything you want (example, #marshallwaren).

What does it all mean?

Twitter made use of the symbol, # and called it a hash tag. Every time someone posted anything using that hash tag it is compiled under that tag for future review. Obviously, some hash tags die on the vine, but some become very popular depending on the subject.

We will be using this phenomenon in connection with our new blog: Around Town. Our editors will be blogging several times a week about people, places and events in Fayetteville. The blogs will be on our website under “CityView Around Town.” One will be called Around Town with Miriam and the other Around Town with Kelly. Follow these blogs to see and read more about our city and the
personalities it is populated by.

As we all know social media is growing exponentially across the globe and it is no different here in Fayetteville. We have started a new promotion for our clients called “Social Promotions” (SP). SP takes advantage of our Facebook fans to promote contests for our clients. These contests are done in accordance with all of Facebook’s rules. They will provide companies with thousands of views by people in Fayetteville and Cumberland County for their respective businesses.

Also starting this issue you will notice special icons at the end of some stories, which signifies that more information about this subject is online at www.Cityviewnc.com located at the “Online Extras” tab on the right hand side of our website.

Enjoy our Food and Wine issue and thank God for all these new things that make our lives more interesting. I am looking forward to seeing our readers and advertisers at our first Food and
Wine issue Launch Party, October 3rd from 5:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. at SkyView on Hay.

Check our editors blogs for fun food and wine tidbits leading up to this exciting event.