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Popular Perk Me Ups


Rude Awakening

“It started out as Mexican Spice Cocoa (which is also a very popular drink for us) back around 2001, but as coffee lovers, we quickly added espresso. I think the fresh made whipped cream is a big addition to all the drinks. We like to hear customers say they get drinks the same way every time no matter who is working.”

- Bruce Arnold, Rude Awakening

The Coffee Scene

"Our Mocha Java Milkshake is a Coffee Scene original drink and I created it! We sell roughly 100 to 125 a week.”

- Kiki Manis, The Coffee Scene

The milkshake has vanilla ice cream, shots of espresso, chocolate sauce, chocolate covered espresso beans and Oreos, blended and served with our homemade whipped cream. This drink can also be made hot as a breve with half and half. 

The Coffee Cup

“It’s hard to pick a favorite from our coffee fans. But the Birthday Cake Latte and the Spicy Mocha are two staples of both The Coffee Cup shops.”

- Angela Malave, The Coffee Cup

The Birthday Cake Latte is made with cake batter and white chocolate and the Spicy Mocha is made with Ghirardelli chocolate and cayenne pepper.

Coffee Shop Locations

The Coffee Cup

Millstone Towne Centre, Hope Mills

108 Hay Street, Downtown Fayetteville

The Coffee Scene

3818 Morganton Road, Fayetteville

1520 NC-87, Cameron

Rude Awakening

227 Hay Street, Downtown Fayetteville