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Princess Mania!


These daring and graceful princesses from Sprinkle Pop Play bring magic and happiness wherever they go! We stopped to get to know some of the princesses a little bit better.  

1. What is your real name? 

BC: Brittany Campbell 

KH: Kelsey Hay 

MG: Malerie Goodman 

TK: Taylor Kraft 

2. Which is your favorite princess to play? 

BC: I love being the Ice Queen.  

KH: It is hard to pick a favorite. I love playing the princesses that have a bit of spunk. The classic princesses are very sweet, but not quite as much fun.  

MG: It is so difficult to pick! I usually play The Little Mermaid, but I often enjoy playing some of the original princesses because they have beautiful dresses and get to act so dainty. 

TK: The Beauty Princess. She was my first childhood role model. 

 3. How did you get involved? 

BC: Malia asked me at Pressed if I would be interested in being The Snow Queen because I resemble her.  

KH: I heard about it from a friend. I knew I had to get involved and let my inner-princess shine! 

MG: This is a dream come true for me! I always wanted to work at Disneyland as a princess, but it never ended up in my life's path. A mutual friend knew Malia was beginning a princess business and recommended that I audition. 

TK: My friends in the theatre community work for Sprinkle Pop Play. They recommended me.  

 4. Do you work anywhere else? 

BC: I am the owner and operator of Sunshine Makeup Artistry and Spray Tans. 

KH: My other job is keeping up with my busy 1-year-old son.  

MG: I work as a school psychologist at The Capitol Encore Academy, an arts-integration charter school on Hay Street. In addition, I am a local actor. 

TK: I work as an actor. Most of my work has been at Cape Fear Regional Theatre, as well as other theaters around North Carolina.  

5. What is your favorite aspect of being a princess? 

BC: I love being a princess because I get to see the pure excitement and joy on the children's faces every time they see one of their favorite characters in real life. It helps me remember my little joys in life and to appreciate everything that brings me such happiness. 

KH: The shock and pure joy on a child’s face when they first see their favorite princess in real life, especially if they weren’t expecting to meet royalty that day. Their reactions are contagious. It’s also pretty great when adults see you and freak out, wanting pictures with their favorite princess, too. Adding a bit of magic and whimsy to people’s day is the best! 

MG: While it is fun to wear the pretty costumes and automatically be every little girl's best friend, when I am dressed as a princess, I realize that little princesses hang on my every word. I always make sure to emphasize more than looking pretty and wearing fancy dresses. I use whatever opportunity I can to sneak in conversations about creativity, learning, kindness, friendship and courage! 

TK: Being a princess is every little girls dream at some point, especially if they watch Disney movies, but it’s really amazing to be a physical representation of the kid’s role models. It’s like making dreams come true!  

 6. What’s the funniest thing a kid has told or asked you? 

BC: I have two stories. One, I have kids all the time ask me to “freeze” something or someone and I refuse to do it because I do not use my magic for evil. And two, during an event, Let It Go was requested to be sung and I am not a singer. If anything, my singing would scare the children, but I did it with the music loudly in the background and did all the motions to make it look like I was singing.  

KH: I had a long conversation with a group of girls about the number of tiaras we owned. It ended with one of them asking if I could tell one of the fairies to come and fix one that her brother had broken.  

MG: I am constantly surprised when I see a student from my school who absolutely does not recognize me in costume. It really shocked a student when a princess was able to "magically" guess his teacher and school! 

TK: Kids often ask me, "Where is Beast?" I say, "His name is Adam..." and explain why he couldn't make this event. They're usually stunned at the fact that he has a name. 

7. What’s a cool fact people might not know about you? 

BC: I can dominate a hula hoop competition.  

KH: I have run in three over-night 100+ mile relay races.  

MG: I love to try new hobbies, and there is no better time to start than the present! In the past year, I have started learning the violin and learning circus aerials. I also raise backyard chickens! 

 TK: I auditioned and was cast at Disney World Orlando. I wasn't able to work at the park, but the costumes and experiences were amazing. 

8. What is your favorite non-Disney movie? 

BC: Dirty Dancing 

KH: The Little Princess 

MG: What is a “non-Disney movie?” 

TK: Anastasia. Hands down!