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Letter to the Editor

Residents have issues with household garbage pickup


Can anything be done about continual issues with having household garbage picked up? I live in the city limits and on a cul-de-sac. My entire street is skipped repeatedly. To ease in getting around the cul-de-sac, a smaller truck has been used recently. Apparently, the truck has mechanical issues and is resulting in our entire street (eight houses) being skipped entirely on several occasions. Depending on who you speak with when you call, you get varied responses. Most recently I have been told that the supervisor is aware of the issue and that our street isn't the only one affected. HOW can we resolve this so we don't continue to have an ongoing overflow of garbage on our street? The longer they wait to pick up the trash, the more it accumulates and just makes their job more cumbersome as the trash piles up more and more. We also have no way of knowing when they will show up so our carts just stay at the street until they show up. Thanks for your help!

Bobbie Mosher, Fayetteville

Letter to the Editor, Fayetteville, household garbage