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Restoration Movie Premiere

Fayetteville-based filmmaker Jeremiah McLamb celebrated the premiere of his movie Restoration at the CAMEO ArtHouse Theatre on Saturday December 3, 2016.

Restoration is a story about redemption and spirituality. In it, a mechanic named C.K. Erwin (played by Restoration story writer Ken Stewart) loses his family and is driven to the brink of suicide. Erwin gets a new lease on life after befriending a family which needs him as much as he needs them. 

“Ken preached the idea that God is in the ‘re’ business. He restores, he rebuilds and find that place that leads to God and find healing through that,” McLamb said. “Pretty much everything I do has that faith-based bent to it, even though I think my films tend to be darker and more realistic than some might expect.”