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September 2018 Business Breakfast



Want to hit a home run in business and in life?

Come to CityView’s business breakfast forum on September 13th where three speakers will talk about different ways of hitting home runs. The breakfast will start at 7:30 a.m. at Highland Country Club.

The speakers are Mark Zarthar, president of the Fayetteville operations of the Houston Astros; Michael Fletcher, senior pastor at Manna Church; and Zan Monroe, CEO at Longleaf Pine Realtors.

Zarthar will provide updates on the plans to bring Minor League Baseball to a brand-new stadium in downtown Fayetteville next spring.

Fletcher, whose church has grown from 350 to over 9,000 members in eight cities during his 30-plus years there and who has written several books, will speak about leadership, the subject of his most recent book.

Monroe, who oversees the operation of numerous businesses and corporations and is also a writer, speaker and consultant, will speak about success.

Don’t miss out on this valuable information – or the tasty breakfast that comes with it. Tickets can be purchased through cityviewnc.com. This event would not be possible without the direct support of these valuable sponsors.