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Graduation 2023

South View valedictorian urges classmates to treasure the present as well as the future


South View High School valedictorian Joshua Kim advised his fellow graduates that as they work toward their goals for the future, they also take the time to savor the present.

“Living in the moment is being fully present in every experience,” Kim said Tuesday during commencement exercises at the Crown Coliseum. “It means relishing the joy of achievement, cherishing the bonds we have formed, and appreciating the lessons learned in our most challenging moments. It is about savoring each passing second, for these moments will never return.” 

More than 900 high school seniors received their diplomas Tuesday as South Viewl and three other Cumberland County schools held commencements.

“Throughout our journey, we have often found ourselves overwhelmed by expectations and ambitions,” Kim said. “We have been conditioned to think about the future constantly: planning and working tirelessly toward our goals. While it is important to have dreams and aspirations, it is equally important to embrace the beauty and significance of the present.”

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