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Sustainable Sandhills Award Luncheon 2016


Fayetteville, North Carolina – Sustainable Sandhills hosted a Green Business Luncheon on June 23, 2016. This luncheon was to recognize businesses that go above and beyond in their dedication to sustainable business practices. 

The luncheon was hosted at the Hilltop House Restaurant. During the luncheon, Sustainable Sandhills presented twelve awards to businesses who have shown extensive effort in creating and maintaining an environmental stewardship business model. These awards included the Leadership Award, Nonprofit/Community Organization Award and Green Reuse Award. There were over 100 nominations for the 2015-2016 year. 

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! 

Walk the Walk Green Awareness: 
  • Winner: Array Magazine

Walk the Walk Green Recreation:

  • Indigo Earth Events

Walk the Walk Green Healthcare:

  • Hedgerow Dentistry
Walk the Walk Green Eatery: 
  • R Burger Food Truck

Walk the Walk Green Wellness: 

  • Sandhills Naturally

Walk the Walk Green Reuse:

  • ReStore Warehouse

Walk the Walk NonProfit/Community Org: 

  • UNC Pembroke

Walk the Walk Green Facilities Management:
  • Watch My Wag

Walk the Walk Air Quality: 

  • Clear Path Recycling

Walk the Walk Clean Energy: 

  • Butler BioFarm

Walk the Walk Clean Water: 

  • Prestige Trash Bins
Walk the Walk Green School
  • Cliffdale Elementary

Walk the Walk Green Business Leadership

  • Thompson & Little

2015 Walk the Walk: Commitment to Clean Energy

  • Cargill

2015 Platinum Green Business: Above & Beyond

  • The Partnership for Children of Cumberland County

2016 Platinum Green Business: Above & Beyond

  • City of Fayetteville PWC