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Tech Time: Help with your digital device


Have you ever received a new digital gift for the holidays, but had no idea how to use it? The Cumberland County Public Library has the perfect solution — the  Tech Time program available at all eight libraries.

Each month, digital navigators (my colleague Jaquelyn Brown and I) host Tech Time drop-in programs. Our goal is to assist attendees with basic smartphone, laptop, iPad and tablet skills. Tech Time sessions offer one-on-one help on any personal digital device.

Tech Time is a chance for residents of all ages to bring their devices and ask any questions. Learn how to set up an email account, mute your cell phone, back up and store files. Those are just a few of the skills we teach patrons.

While we’re not experts in all things digital, we provide answers to basic questions, and if a question might be a bit more challenging, we’ll research and get you the answer. Please note that digital navigators aren’t qualified to work on, update or fix any digital devices. Tech Times is free. No library cards are required and no appointments are necessary. Services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in attending a Tech Time, check out the calendar of events on our website https://www.cumberlandcountync.gov/library

Tech Time programs aren’t the only duty for the digital navigators. Our main task is to work in the community and help bridge the digital literacy gap. We are part of the library’s new community engagement division, and we seek to partner with community agencies to reach underserved county residents. We work with community partners, including churches, civic groups and senior centers to reach as many residents as possible. 

We are happy to teach digital-literacy skills, the skills residents need to live, learn and work in a society where online communication and access to information are a necessity for everyday life. 

We also offer one-hour classes on the basics of computers, email, personal devices and cybersecurity. If you know of a group that would like to partner with us, call us at 910-483-7727 and let us know.

Yaminah Vereen is a digital navigator for the Cumberland County Public Library.

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