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THANK YOU for a wonderful Food & Wine issue Launch Party


Our FIRST ever Food & Wine launch party was held last night at SkyView on Hay with over 400 partygoers in attendance. I can confidently say that this brainchild of mine was an absolute success and would not have been possible without the hard work and hours of planning by the CityView staff.

Our Publisher, Marshall Waren certainly got the ball rolling when it came to getting the beer & wine from our local distributors. Our expert Account Executives, Suzanne Dudley, Robin Wiggs, Julie Donahue and Dana Bagley secured sponsorships from our loyal advertisers. Jordan Williams, our Sales Assistant, did a wonderful job following up with everyone involved from the distributors to the restaurants to everyone in between. Features Editor Kelly Twedell was always there when anyone needed her and helped out so much with coordination. Annette Winter, Art Director, created the beautiful signage, flyers and tickets for the party and drove from Wilmington to attend. So happy to have here there. Ashlee Cleveland, General Manager, made sure everything was taken care of and kept the entire staff in line! My job was to coordinate the food (which was DELICIOUS and the BEST in Fayetteville!) and floral arrangements. Kia Henry, you are a wonderful photographer and are fabulous at connecting with the crowd at events and always have a smile on your face. Photographers Byron Jones and Anna Lester, it's an absolute pleasure for us to work with you both. Thanks for always bringing experience, positivity and good cheer to the table. Sandee Waren, Managing Editor, did a fantastic job co-hosting with the rest of us at CityView… all the while resembling a blonde Jackie-O!

Everyone was beautiful and did a beautiful job!




Healy Wholesale Company: Mac Healy, thank you for delivering the beer. Everyone enjoyed it!

Mutual Distributing Company: Steve Zahran, thank you so much for providing the party with multiple cases of  delicious wine. I am sure I will see you stocking in Harris Teeter soon. J

Budweiser: Jeff Fox, thank you for providing beer by the All-American favorite. We appreciate you!

The Wine Café: Angie Malave, thank you for the quality wine. Proud to have you as one of our loyal supporters. 

Huske Hardware: Josh and Tonia Collins, thank you! Fayetteville is lucky to have an awesome locally owned and operated brewery. We all enjoyed the keg beer!


Mellow Mushroom: Chris Corona and staff, you guys went all out! Everything was exceptional. Pizza,  “house-made” cookies and more! Your Fayetteville location is phenomenal.

Blue Moon Café: Samantha and Kirk, I don’t know what I would do without you guys… in business and in pleasure! XOXO Thanks for being some great friends to CityView and myself.

Circa 1800: Josh and Brandy, please see above notion! Love you both! I can’t wait to order the filet tips on the menu. They were the first food item to go.

Huske Hardware/Taphouse: Lisa, Brian, Tonia- You guys knew the way to my tummy with your tasty hummus. Thank you! It was delicious.

Mac’s Speed Shop: Samson and Staff, Your pork tacos and pork scooters were a favorite! I heard so many compliments. Can’t wait to visit your establishment. I’m a new fan!

Chef Mei: The presentation and small bites were exceptional. Please come cook for me one day! And don’t cook dessert ;)

The Belmont Village: Becky and staff, I have only seen a spread like that at some of the finest weddings. Thank you for bringing it to our inaugural event. The flowers were beautiful and the desserts…. delectable!


Carolina Convention Services and Rentals & Clique Photo Booth: Darren & Staff, Thank you for the gorgeous black spandex table clothes and the fun photo booth! And I would like to personally thank you again for opening it back up at the end of the night for my friend and me. #turnup ;)

First Source: Gayle, you totally saved the party with your beautiful linens for the round tables! Thank you! I will give you another big bear hug the next time I see you for sure.

Owens/Bordeaux Florist: Our main center arrangement was absolutely perfect. Thank you Barbara and staff!

The Bridal Bouquet: Thank you for the inventive arrangements for the bistro tables. You are lovely, Carol! Thank you!

Designs That Dazzle: Your gold and silver tone painted bottles and flowers set the scene. Thank you Edna!

Unveiled Design & Events: You had asparagus in your arrangements, I didn’t eat them… though I was tempted to. They were so creative. Thank you Mary Jane!

Ethos Creative Design: Lorna, your enthusiasm and support have never waned! Thank you for the breathtaking arrangements.

Southern Blooms at The Belmont Village: Your fall foliage on the dessert table was incredible. The team at Belmont Village is among the best!

Rudy and Chad of Highland Country Club, we truly had the most handsome bartenders in all the land. Thank you guys! Cheers!

Our security was provided by SV. Of course, there were no breaches because our partygoers were all perfect. 

Chef Judy, thank you for graciously donating the $50 gift certificate. You are a blessing! It was wonderful to see you all dolled up last night, looking glamorous in your little black dress!

The Wine Café & Angie Malave, Thank you for donating the exquisite bottle of red wine and the cute wine stopper. Thanks for being there for CityView through the planning and being so helpful and accommodating to me.

Hubbard Pipe & Supply: Thank you for your generous donation of a top-of-the-line Moen faucet.  We are proud to have a company like yours in Fayetteville.


So Chic BeBe: Alexandra, you really came through for Kelly Twedell and me at the last minute. You ROCK! Thank you for letting us borrow the platter and vases!

Thank you to our steadfast and helpful delivery driver Al for helping us with clean-up and making the rounds. And thank you to Audrey at SkyView on Hay- you know how to get the job done!

Jason Ross, you are just so talented and sweet. Thank you for driving from Raleigh to provide the musical entertainment. Please come back and see us soon. We heart you!

The team at SkyView on Hay, Pat, Jan, Jordan and Krista: Thank you for being an extremely attentive, patient and experienced owners and staff. SkyView on Hay is state-of-the-art, multi-faceted and an all around awesome venue. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being CityView supporters. We were blessed to have our first ever Food & Wine issue Launch Party at SkyView on Hay.

To our advertisers and readers: NONE of this would have been possible without each and every one of you. I am speechless.

…Not because I am tired of writing, but just because no words are amazing, awesome and good enough for the amount of LOVE CityView has for each and every one of you.