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That Time I Crashed My Boss's Party


I’m an SEC kind of girl. 

I was born and raised in Alabama and then graduated from The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. We love our football in Bama.

And North Carolina folks sure do love their basketball. Friends of mine are either Duke, Carolina or NC State fans. A few are Wake Forest (well, two of them).

A true Carolina fan who is right in the CityView office is our publisher Marshall Waren. When I started working here, I began hearing about his “ACC Bull Shoot.”

Marshall has casually coined this annual event “the largest gathering of men in Cumberland County.” And only men.

I decided right then I never wanted to go. I wouldn’t be invited anyway.

About 400 invitations go out each year and about 200 or more gentlemen attend the all-afternoon event and watch the ACC Tournament.

This year and for the past six years, it has been held at Marshall’s home. It first started 40 years ago at Bobby Bleecker’s Winding Creek Apartment (behind Max Abbott Middle School). Imagine a party that is 40-years strong. Every time the men come together it’s like a family reunion and they bond over food (typical “man” food like fried chicken and ribs) fun and basketball. Local dignitaries attend the event like the sheriff, judges and politicians.

Marshall has been hosting the party for the past six years and one can tell it is something he takes pride in and has a lot of fun planning. We know this because the week of the party it is the main topic of conversation!

Alas, though it was an “all-male gathering,” I did end up attending during the latter half of their party. Due to some unforeseen events, I went to take some photos.

As I was walking up Marshall’s steep driveway, some man leaving the party said, “Heyyy! The women are coming!”

But, that didn’t send me running. Marshall was actually happy I arrived. Local photographer Frank Maness had been in attendance earlier and took some great photos of the crowd.

I took the pictures, spoke with everyone and left with a plate of leftover fried chicken.  It all seemed like a nice way for the men to bond!

However, I won’t be returning next year. I was probably banned from the event due to the goodbye I gave everyone in the form of, “Roll Tide guys!”