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The Arts Council Announcement Statue


On May 31, the Arts Council announced its acquisition of "Natural Embrace," one of several outdoor art sculptures displayed in downtown Fayetteville. The Venus Flytrap-inspired work was made possible by generous donors - as well as by its talented artist, Paul Hill. Did you know that the Venus Flytrap is found only in a small area of North Carolina? It's a tiny plant but Hill created a huge sculpture to celebrate it. The artwork, made from steel and glass, is at the corner of Person Street and Otis Jones Parkway in downtown Fayetteville. It catches the rays of the sun - and it might just catch your eye, too.

The work is included in the temporary art installation "Work in Progress."

Also announced at the May 31 celebration: Ralph and Linda Huff of H&H Homes plan to donate $10,000 a year for three years toward the purchase of more public art for Fayetteville.