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The Beard Buzz

By: Miriam Landru

            Historically, a man’s beard was seen as a sign of virility, social stature and wisdom. Think about William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln and Genghis Kahn. They were all great leaders and innovators whether it was in literature, leadership or conquering… and all had beards.

            Today, some still believe that beards are all powerful, but more importantly… they’re totally on trend.

            And you can blame TV shows like Sons of Anarchy, Duck Dynasty and even Game of Thrones for the phenomenon.

            In the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area, not too many locals rock the beard, but you will see plenty of off-duty soldiers rocking a five o’clock shadow or more. A telltale sign that a soldier is in Special Operations is a fully-grown beard.

            Check out this collection of a few of the most sought-after stubble styles.

The Slight Stubble

            This look is a little rugged, but still a little clean cut. It’s the borderline look for beards. You’re still in the safe zone.

Full Beard

            Think sophisticated, but with a dash of lumberjack on the side. This beard can go from the boardroom to getting a round of beers for your bros at the bar.

The Pirate

            This look is Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean sans dreadlocks and eye-make-up. It’s definitely for the type of gentleman that’s a risk taker.

Beard Maintenance

            To keep your beard shiny and untangled, beard oils are a popular choice. At www.beardsupply.com you can choose manly scents like I.P.A. and Driftwood.