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The Hamburger Chronicles- November/December 2019


I have been eating hamburgers and cheeseburgers all my life and there are fair, good and excellent ones.

The hamburgers that I make at home taste the best to me. That, of course, makes sense since I know exactly how I like them. (If you want my recipe, which I’m always tweaking, it’s at the end of this column.)

But I’m always open to checking out burgers prepared by others. In recent weeks, I’ve been doing a little of this sort of taste-testing at various restaurants, making notes along the way, and I’m ready to share my thoughts.

First: I ate many good burgers and cheeseburgers. I’m not going to identify places that advertise regularly with CityView because I don’t want you to think I’m prejudiced in their favor because we do business. (But R Burger’s burgers are indeed delicious.)

That said, I had tasty cheeseburgers at Army City in McPherson Square, Bubba’s 33 in Westwood Shopping Center, Deep Creek Grill on Person Street, Hot Diggety Dog on Roxie Avenue, Lindy’s Restaurant on Raeford Road, Robertson’s Sandwich Shop in Eutaw Village Shopping Center, Weiner Works on Raeford Road and Will’s Grill on Sycamore Dairy Road.

Each of these restaurants served better-than-average cheeseburgers with good pricing.

Here are my top three:

3. Hog Diggety Dog. Not only was the cheeseburger cooked just right and very juicy, the fries were tasty. The service was also fast and very good.

2. Weiner Works. The name may be about hot dogs but this restaurant put out an excellent deluxe cheeseburger and fries. This was my first cheeseburger at Weiner Works but it won’t be my last.

1. Deep Creek Grill. You have to cross the Cape Fear River (barely) but Deep Creek’s cheeseburgers are well worth the trip. These were the best cheeseburgers I’ve tasted in Fayetteville outside my own house. They make the burgers daily with fresh, never-frozen meat and the result is juicy, fresh and very, very, very tasty. I’ll be back there too.

If you’re interested in making your own burgers, here’s my latest version of my Thomas Burgers recipe and I think it’s even better than before. With two or three pounds of hamburger meat, add chopped onions and green peppers (if you like them). Add a quarter cup of Scott’s Barbecue Sauce, a half cup of Dijon mustard and a quarter cup of Thomas Sauce. Mix all ingredients together. Make thick patties and cook 30 minutes in a slow cooker or 12 minutes on a hot grill. This recipe yields four to five fantastic burgers.