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Their homemade dog treats have their customers howling


Molly had the recipe and the idea. Sophia was ready with the marketing help and outgoing customer service. Together, you’ll find these two enterprising 13-year-olds in the Vanstory Hills neighborhood these days, handing out samples of their “Jingle Snacks” dog treats. And their customers say their homemade concoctions are really something to bark about.

“I bought some for my sister’s dogs,” said neighbor and good friend Amy Pechmann. “Her babies loved them.”

It all started when Molly Barbour began experimenting with the recipe her mother Eileen used to make treats for Jingle, the family rescue chihuahua, who is now in her golden years. A little whole wheat flour, powdered milk and a few other ingredients, all fresh ingredients, mind you. Molly adds bacon and blueberries for both flavor and nutrition.

“I did a little research,” she said. “Those things are very healthy for dogs.”

Best friend Sophia White’s front yard

was the perfect location, especially since the Whites happened to be having a yard sale. The two friends, both in eighth grade and excellent students at Saint Patrick Catholic School, set up shop with Sophia’s handmade signs, along with the dog treats packaged in cellophane bags. The bags include a silhouette of Jingle, along a ribbon tie and a cute jingle bell. The girls also offered free samples.

People passing by while walking their dogs have been delighted. Everyone appreciated the free samples, some bought the $2 bags and some have even placed more orders. The girls have since returned to sell their dog treats most Saturdays.

Even the friendly woman who delivers the neighborhood mail, plans to place an order so she can hand out the treats to pooches on her route.

Molly likes math and science, while Sophia prefers history and literature. Together, they make an impressive combination. Who knows? These two may one day show up on “Shark Tank,” the TV show that invites entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas.

“That would be great!” Molly and Sophia agreed.