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These children are making a difference one bath bomb at a time


By Emerson Jackson

Andrea Campos has a favorite quote that describes her five children’s kind-hearted actions, "The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do."

The five Campos children – 12-year-old Cali Rai, 14-year-old Cheyanne, 18-year-old Raymond, 20-year-old Cassie, and 26- year-old Cynthia – are the founders of a life changing nonprofit organization called Giving Back Warm Hugs. The group has taken on a variety of projects such as knitting hats for those in need, gifting toys to children in hospitals, purchasing jackets for children in their school, and so much more. “Their goal has just always been to help out those in their backyard as much as possible,” Campos said.

Andrea Campos said that her personal favorite project that the kids have done is called “Shoes For The Soul, ” in which Giving Back Warm Hugs pairs up with law enforcement to take over an entire elementary school and give every child a pair of socks and shoes. Campos said the point of the project is to not only provide for kids who may have less than others but also to create a bridge between children having the mindset that all police officers are bad. “It brings tears to so many faces,” Campos said.

Before the pandemic, the Campos children paid for their endeavors by acting in various different commercials and films. As of now, their mother homeschools them to help make their schedules more flexible.  Due to the pandemic last year, they had to come up with other ways to fund the operations for Giving Back Warm Hugs. This was done by starting their own bath bomb company called Fizzy Friendz. Fizzy Friendz produces themed bath bombs that do not leave a bathtub ringt and make clean up faster and easier. The bath bombs are created by combining a variety of ingredients into a mold and allowing them to dry. The bath bombs also come with a treat. They can be found on the Fizzy Friendz Bath Bombs Facebook page and are also sold at various events. The Fizzy Friendz Bath Bombs Facebook page also holds giveaways that help boost the awareness about their business as well as their non-profit.

“Every time these kids talk it just scares me because they just dream so big,” Campos said.

More about the Giving Back Warm Hugs and Fizzy Friends can be found on the charity’s website www.givingbackwarmhugs.com as well as on Facebook and Instagram.